Monday, May 11, 2015

Underwater Dogs - How one picture can save a life!

Ever since photographs of dogs, flinging themselves into water - without a second thought - first caught my attention some three or four years ago, I have been totally fascinated! Being the curious type, I wanted to know more! The man behind the idea is talented American super snapper Seth Casteel. His work has been published in National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times Magazine and numerous other printed publications. 

He has also become a TV celebrity, appearing on the UK's This Morning, as well as numerous interviews on American programs such as CBS, Good Morning America, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS with Brian Williams, The Meredith Vieria Show, NPR Morning Edition, The Insider and Inside Edition. 

Back in 2007, Seth began volunteering at a homeless pets shelter, taking pictures of cats and dogs, in a bid to find them loving homes. His work resulted in a huge increase in adoptions, as he was able to capture their unique personalities.

As his reputation grew, he developed his career as a "Lifestyle Pet Photographer". One day Buster - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was brought to him for his pet portrait. It soon became apparent that things were not going to go according to plan, as Buster was more interested in jumping in and out of the pool, chasing his favourite tennis ball than posing for the camera! It got Seth thinking, which resulted in the purchase of an underwater camera and the beginning of the journey that is "Underwater Dogs"!

The latest in the series is Underwater Puppies - and as cute as the pictures are, they come with a serious message. Not necessarily something that most of us in the UK have to worry about, Seth is determined to educate American pet owners that dogs need to be taught that if they fall in to a pool, they know exactly where to do go to get out. 1000's of dogs drown each year, because they don't have the know how.

He has traveled the world in pursuit of his passion, working with animals across the Globe. Seth's non-profit campaign, One Picture Saves a Life, inspires, empowers and educates animal ambassadors around the world to improve the image of rescue and adoption through positive photography. 

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