Hannah Louise Garber is a writer and creative, living in Hove, East Sussex, UK.

Growing up in the English countryside, she was never far from nature and spent her youth playing in the woods or fields, near her home. She would disappear for hours on mini adventures - climbing trees or collecting frogs, newts and sticklebacks from the streams or chasing after butterflies in the garden. Her favourite adventure was always going to the seaside and exploring the rock pools and shallow waters.

Her love for animals and Mother Nature has never left her and manifests itself in many ways. The oceans, thunderstorms, sunsets, feathers, the colour turquoise, extreme weather, extreme sports, the mayan civilisation, animals and birds - large or small ..... and of course SUNSHINE!

Hannah is one of life's dreamers with an unstoppable energy and a zest for life - which radiates from her like rays of sunshine. 

"I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the World through my eyes"

Hannadora The Explorer x

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