Monday, June 4, 2018

Here We Go Again!!!

Well hello there! Girl Sunshine here! Have you missed me? Go on .... say you have! So here's the thing. I am here for a reason. 

It's been nearly three years to the day that I got diagnosed with cancer and nearly two years to the day that I wrote my last blog. And looking back on my last musings, it makes for an interesting read. Not more so, because its the very thing that made me stop writing - that has made me emerge from my apathy.

I still hate giving cancer the slightest power by using its name. This will be one of the few times i even acknowledge it in this way. I have come a long way in two years. A further four months of chemotherapy, a 10 day spell in hospital with neutropenia... note to self - don't ever ignore the shivers! A bone marrow transplant and a further month in hospital which included isolation, hair loss and an increase in weight of 8kg in seven days - compliments of steroids and infection. And thats the good points haha! 

Eighteen months on and life is different. I am nearly twelve months in remission, married and embarking on a new journey of self discovery, with the assistance of an incredible counsellor! The hard thing was and still is, excepting that life is different. Its not your own any more. It's hard to recognise yourself when you look in the mirror. Its hard to put in to words the range of emotions you can feel on any given day. Its hard to make people understand the journey you have been on and its hard watching people struggle to understand that journey.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge over three years. And now its time to use what I have learnt wisely, as someone I love dearly has received the same news. They are about to embark on there own journey of discovery. And as I mentioned in a previous blog, it gives you a crystal ball. This friend will gain incredible insight. She will learn things she never knew about herself and the people around her. She will find more strength than she new possible and emerge from this experience a victor. 

Norman has picked on the wrong person once again. This person has an army around her. We are all ready to go to battle, standing by her side and we all have our super powers. These include love, humour, passion, humility, kindness and unwavering friendship. 

So my dear friend .... say it loud and say it proud ......


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