Sunday, June 14, 2015

Honey Nut Nut - My New World

Let me introduce myself because I want to tell you a story!

My name is Honey, and I am a Cavachon. I was born on the 1st April, but I am no one's fool! The minute my new mum walked in to the dirty barn I was living in with with my brothers and sisters, I knew she was the one for me! I didn't want an ordinary home because I am no ordinary dog!

I had to wait a whole week for her to come back and get me and it was the longest week EVER! She walked back in to the barn picked me up and off we went! We travelled in style on the way back to my new home - my mum's friend had a sporty black car and we raced all the other cars back! I looked out the window all the way!

My new place is a million doggy lifetimes away from where I was born! There is loads of space, loads of toys and my food is YUMMY! I have a den to sleep in, but I prefer sleeping with my mum and like to curl up on the pillow as close to my mum as I can!

I am not allowed out properly yet as I need to be given medicine to stop me getting poorly but that hasn't stopped my mum taking me out with her to see the sights and sounds! I also had my first bath this week, which has made me look like a powder puff!

I met my Grandma and Grandad this week. They both love me! I hope I get to stay with them!

Height: 21cm
Weight: 2.0 kg
This weeks achievements: First time in a car, first injection, first bath, first visit to the pub!!

My first Car Ride
My first day in my new home
My favourite toy

Hanging out on my mums bed

Having a pint at the View

Pub Life

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