Sunday, June 21, 2015

Third Person Perspective

I'm a week further down the line after discovering some pretty scary lumps on my neck and feel like I am having an outer body experience - looking in on someone else as they go through the motions.
Having also discovered a large lump on my left breast - I now have the additional worry of a mamogram this coming week - something I am not relishing the prospect of. 
I consider myself lucky to have had no major medical procedures in my life time. However, this did not prepare me well for the biopsy this week. I literally vibrated in fear at the prospect of the needle being stuck in my neck. But the anaesthetic did its job and I felt nothing other than an uncomfortable sensation as they took three samples to be sent for analysis. 
I hope this week yields good news but my instinct is nagging away at me. Let's hope it's wrong for once. 

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